Why KCR Did not Invite This CM?

The first meeting of Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) had seen many absentees. Telangana CM KCR who approached Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, West Bengal CM Mamata Benarjee, Karnataka ex-CM HD Kumaraswamy and Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik for a Third Front, did not make it to the Khammam meeting.

On BRS meeting, Bihar CM Nitish revealed that he had no information on it. “Even if I was invited, I could not have made it because I’m occupied with Savadan Yatra and budget preparations ahead of the upcoming sessions,” said Nitish. He went on to say that the Khammam meeting was a completely BRS party’s individual show and those leaders who were invited by KCR, attended it.

However Nitish added that all the political parties in the country should unite against the BJP. “There is a need for an alternative force against the BJP and parties in the country should come to a common platform in the best interest of this country,” opined Nitish.

Apparently Nitish was not convinced with Telangana CM KCR’s idea of a non-BJP and non-Congress coalition in New Delhi. Nitish is of the opinion that without BJP and Congress, it would be difficult to form a government in the national capital. Since Nitish expressed his opinion bluntly, KCR kept him at bay.

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