These tips will help in making your skin smooth!

1.Never Forget SPF:-

No matter what season it is, a sunscreen is a must. Choosing a sunscreen according to your skin type can be tedious and with an overwhelming number of options available, it only becomes tougher. With summer around the corner, it is better to go for gel-based, lightweight formulations. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid and squalane are a great pick to keep your skin supple and plump.

2.A Customized Skincare Routine:-

A transition in season calls for a customised routine. With the temperature increasing, it is best to keep it minimal yet effective. Go for serums that are moisturising and multipurpose. Avoid using cream-based formulas as it can feel too heavy on the skin.

3.Apply Ice Once In A While:-

Icing your face once in a while helps in de-puffing your skin and maintains a healthy skin balance too. It helps in hydrating the skin and soothes it. The cooling sensation is another benefit that needs to be taken note of.

4.Hydrating Mists Need To Be On Your Radar:-

The power of a hydrating face mist is unmatched! A face mist not only gives a boost of hydration to the skin but also refreshes your skin in no time. A gentle considerate spray over your face is enough to give you a boost of energy and freshness.

5.Go For Soothing Ingredients:-

When choosing your summer skincare products, lookout for products which are infused with cooling and soothing ingredients that hydrate the skin and give a rejuvenated feel. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid and squalane could be a great fit for your summer skincare routine.

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