The WhatsApp controversy “between” the central government is deepening

WhatsApp court went against the new IT policy.

WhatsApp has approached the Delhi High Court alleging privacy breach with the new IT policy. The petition states that the new IT policies are unconstitutional. WhatsApp has asked the Delhi High Court to repeal the new IT policy, which has IT rules that infringe on personal freedom. WhatsApp also seems to have privacy with the new digital rules.

Facebook and Google have already responded to the digital platforms above the center guidelines. Just hours before the new IT regulations come into force

The companies have given their consent. Social media giant Facebook has revealed that it is working with the goal of enforcing the new regulations brought in by the central government for digital content binding. It clarified that it would consult with the Central Government on the issues of IT guidelines brought by the Center.

New policies on digital content are coming into effect from today. However, some of the social media has not yet taken action to adhere to these. Intermediate status of these companies will be revoked if they comply with such regulations. Relevant sources say that he will have to face criminal charges. It has become a matter of curiosity as to what action will be taken against them.

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