Stock Market: BSE gains 300 points on Monday!

Bombay Stock Exchange hasn’t been a happy place in June for traders. Most number of traders lost their money has foreign stock exchanges dipped. The repo rate increase, LIC stocks underwhelming performance, Russia – Ukraine War, Sri Lanka financial crisis, Depression and recession fears, all added up to Sensex losing more than 1000 points a day for many days in last month.

On Monday, BSE started off with 52,851.67 points and fell to 52,674.81 and hit a peak at 53,301.99 mark. Finally, at the end of the session, it hit 53,234.77. It ended the day with gains of 326.84 points. Nifty also gained 83.30 points and ended the day at 15,835.35 mark.

Oil shares saw losses while D-Mart shares saw 5% increase in value. Markets responded well to crude oil prices coming down from the highest ever. Even few commodities rates have come down giving enough space for traders to be relieved from the pressures they faced in the last month.

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