Sridevi’s daughter preparing for entry into Tollywood?

There is no ordinary demand for heroines who have both beauty and performance. The shortage of such heroines is plaguing all industries. Tollywood has nothing to say. Until a few years ago, Kajal, Samantha, Tamanna, Anushka .. The number of star heroines in good demand was a bit high. But as they all got a little older, the momentum subsided and there was a shortage of heroines in Tollywood.

Now the only heroines of this level are Pooja Hegde and Rashmi Mandanna. Strictly speaking, there are all kinds of attractions now and it is only for worship that there is more demand. Rashmi also has some minuses. In this context, if the right heroine steps into Tollywood, there will be no shortage of opportunities. Bollywood actress Kiara is in good demand here too. She is selective in her choice of films. Under such circumstances, Sridevi’s daughter Janvi Kapoor is ready for a Tollywood entry.

Attempts have been made before the channels to bring her to Tollywood. News has finally come out that Puri Jagannath will be starring opposite Vijay Devarakonda in a new film. If this movie is really okay .. Janvi gates are open for a flood of opportunities in Tollywood.

While there was a demand for her before her debut .. Information that other producers are also going into touch for her in the wake of her entry into Tollywood with such a crazy project. Buchibabu is asking Janvi to make a movie as an NTR hero in the production of Mythri Movie Makers. It will take time to get on the movie sets but .. there is an attempt to take commitment from Janvi. If Janvi is okay with Tarak too .. Janvi’s throwing a round to the other stars can also be considered as a formality. Will have the opportunity to do the same with the rest of the heroes.

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