Sharmila:Continuation of the Struggle-Will the Hiking Stand Politically..!!

YS Sharmila has taken a crucial decision to start a political party in Telangana and move forward with a huge goal. YSS Telangana party chief YS Sharmila is getting ready to resume the Praja Prasthanam Padayatra from the 17th of this month. December 17 is Sharmila’s birthday. Decided to continue his trek back from the same day. The march was suspended following the enactment of the Local Bodies MLC Election Code. The trek, which started on October 20 in Chevelle, lasted for 21 days and covered a distance of 238 km.

Starting again on the 17th of this month

Sharmila visited about 150 villages in about six constituencies. With the advent of the MLC election code, she gave a break to her hiking on the 11th of last month in Kondapakagudem, Narkatpally mandal, Nalgonda district. Padayatra coordinator Chandrahasan Reddy said that the yatra will continue from there again. Sharmila will launch a public movement on the purchase of grain through a walkout to be undertaken after the code. Importantly Yasangi says they will fight until they buy all the grain.

Going forward with new plans

Sharmila’s party, which is already collaborating with Prashant Kishore’s team, seems to have studied the first installment of the 21-day feedback from the public outreach. In Telangana, it has now become politically TRS versus BJP. Chief Minister KCR Huzurabad started targeting the BJP strategically after the result. Trying to narrow them down with the topic of grain purchases. BJP leaders are also countering that there is an argument that the ruling TRS is trying more to damage the BJP than to adapt the issue in their favor.

Changing equations in Telangana

At the same time, the Congress is advancing in such a way that it does not lag behind. With this, party leaders say they have realized the need for Sharmila to step up politically at this time. So far there have not been as many additions as expected in the party. None of the key leaders came into the party. Meanwhile, the situation is changing as the BJP is facing the TRS. Revanth took over as TPCC chief but now the BJP, along with the TRS, is becoming a challenge to the party.

Do you believe Sharmila is a hiker

Amidst the exceptionally changing political equations in Telangana, the debate has begun on the extent to which Sharmila’s long pilgrimage will benefit the party politically. With this, it seems that the government is preparing a new sketch to give priority to the mention of public issues. Current conditions make it clear that it is not possible to stand rocky just by hiking. With this, it is now becoming interesting to see what strategies Sharmila will implement in the forthcoming public outreach.


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