Senior Hero Apologizes For Putting Hands On Lady Journalist

Malayalam’s senior hero Suresh Gopi’s interaction with a journalist in an unwanted manner triggered a controversy.

The famous actor and former BJP Rajya Sabha MP Suresh Gopi put his hand twice on the shoulder of a female journalist while answering her questions. The incident happened when he was taking questions from reporters in Kozhikode.

When the woman asked him a question, he put a hand on her shoulder and called her ‘mole (daughter)’ as he began to answer. She then backed away and came with another question, for which he placed his hand again on her shoulder at which point she pushed it away.

Gopi issued an apology on Saturday and he claims to have done that in an ‘affectionate manner’ towards the journalist. He posted it on Facebook saying, ‘Her feelings should be respected. I tender an apology towards her if she had felt badly about my behavior, Sorry..’.

The journalist said she was distressed by Gopi’s behavior and she would resort to legal action. She said she was traumatized by the whole episode.

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