Seems like there is a Big Strategy Behind Pawan Kalyan?

There seems to be a big strategy behind the Janasena’s rush to block the privatization of the Visakhapatnam steel factory. Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan seems to have realized that it is certain that Jaganmohan Reddy will leave for Visakhapatnam as the administrative capital in a few days, if not now. That is why it has been decided to contest from this district again in the coming elections.

According to Pawan, Bhimili constituency is also in the fray along with Gajuwaka, who lost in the previous elections. In the 2019 elections, Pawan lost to YCP candidate Thippalanagireddy by a margin of about 18,000 votes. Pawan constituency has not seen Mohame again since the election. Such was the sudden increase in the rush in Vizag on behalf of the Janasena.

Nadendla Manohar set up camp at Vizag on behalf of Chief Pawan and started rushing. The privatization of the Vizag Steel Factory has molded Janasena leaders looking at how to start programs in Vizag. Nadendla is holding a series of meetings with steel factory workers and employees. Nadendla assured that Pawan would always reassure the trade unions on behalf of the Janasena.

Pawan announced that Vizag would be coming soon and would launch a special campaign on behalf of the workers and employees. Looking at Nadendla’s statements and visits, it is doubtful that Pawan has decided to contest from the same district again in the coming elections. The chances of competing from the glass again in the manner of finding where lost are high. Party leaders say Bhimili is likely to contest if the constituency changes at the last minute.

Bhimili is currently represented by Minister Avanti Srinivas on behalf of the YCP. In the previous elections, he defeated TDP candidate Sabbamhari by a margin of nearly 30,000 votes. But with the sudden death, the TDP leader, here is starving for a tough candidate. Pawan thinks that he can win in Bhimili very easily if he allies with TDP. Let’s see what happens in the end.

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