Samantha’s Branding Agency Charging A Bomb

After a breakup with Naga Chaitanya, actually star heroine Samantha Prabhu started focusing on her Bollywood career a lot. And then came this new branding agency which she hired and they are said to have done a phenomenal job.

Not only they have upped the demand for the actress in Mumbai, but made her part of various TV commercials and are on the way to making her sign almost four Bollywood projects. But here’s the catch.

Usually, these branding agencies work in a different way as they don’t charge anything from the brands, but actually, take up a share from the celebrity on the total amount the deal is signed for.

However, this particular agency that involves Branding, PR and Managerial acts as well, is said to be charging a bomb from the brands and film production houses too for getting them, Samantha. While regular casting agents charge peanuts from production companies but hugely from celebrities, this agency is doing the reverse, a source in the know explains.

However, Bollywood folks, including brands and production companies are quite happy with this hefty charge as they are getting Samantha aboard.

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