Rules Ranjann Movie Review: Jaded and Dated!

Rules Ranjann Movie Review and Rating
Rules Ranjann Movie Review and Rating

Rules Ranjann Cast: Kiran Abbavaram, Neha Shetty, Meher Chahal, Vennela Kishore, Subbaraju, Hyper Aadhi, Viva Harsha, Annu Kapoor

Rules Ranjann Crew:
Cinematography: Dulip Kumar
Music Director: Amrish
Writer-Director: Rathinam Krishna
Producer: Divyang Lavania, Murali Krishnaa Vemuri

Rules Ranjann Movie Review: 1.5/5

Rules Ranjann is the new film starring Kiran Abbavaram. The young actor has been going through a rough patch with flops. He needs this Rules Ranjann to click and Rathinam Krishna after Oxygen needs this one to hit a chord with audiences as well. With popular actress Neha Sshetty added to the mix, let’s see what this Rules Ranjann has to offer.

Rules Ranjann Plot:
Mano Ranjan(Kiran Abbavaram) becomes a software engineer in Mumbai. But he doesn’t know Hindi or proper english. Hence, people misuse his innocence. One day, he decides to change it and becomes Rules Ranjann. After 4 years, he still remains single in a jaded routine. Kamesh(Vennela Kishore) asks him to experience love and loosen up. He shares with him his college love story with Sana(Neha Sshetty). Miraculously, she lands in Mumbai. Will Rules Ranjann turn into Mano Ranjan and win her love? Watch the movie to know.

Rules Ranjann Movie Review and Rating
Rules Ranjann Movie Review and Rating

Rules Ranjann Analysis:
Rules Ranjann has an interesting premise of a sensitive and innocent person looking to live his life in the walls that he is comfortable in. When such a person needs to loosen up and explore, the internal conflict and learning new things makes things more interesting. But here, Rules Ranjann just translates into a jaded comedy that doesn’t have any kind of mature take on this subject. Making a fun movie is not a problem but making it sensible enough for us to care about characters should’ve been the objective. Rules Ranjann just goes on and on with gags loaded and added without any gap.

Rules Ranjann Movie Review and Rating
Rules Ranjann Movie Review and Rating

The gags never become fun and they turn repetitively annoying. Vennela Kishore as Kamesh is an embarrassment for the talented actor. He just couldn’t sell the most annoyingly written part with any conviction even though he tried. Kiran Abbavaram as Rules Ranjann failed to really find a perfect balancing tone between being innocent and arrogant. He needs to work on his dialogue delivery and timing. Neha Sshetty and every other actor are just there to fill up screens. Rules Ranjann proves that writing “comedy” for the sake of “comedy” never works!

Rules Ranjann Positives:
Sammohanuda Song
Few jokes here and there

Rules Ranjann Negatives:
Over-the-top performances
Dated Jokes
Jaded writing

Rules Ranjann Movie Bottom-line: Relentless Torture

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