Raju’s Controversy With Malli Pelli?

Published on: 8:36 am, 27 March 2023

As a producer, MS Raju is the man behind several classics and blockbusters. As a director, Raju veered into a totally different route altogether. He is into bold and controversial films on relationships and new-age romance. He is doing youth-centric films. His Dirty Hari is a bold film. The film set many tongues wagging in industry circles. Raju did a youthful romance 7 Days 6 Nights. Now, Raju stunned many by announcing his directorial ‘Malli Pelli’ with Naresh VK and Pavithra. The glimpse has already become a talking point in Telugu as well as Kannada.

However, here is the buzz around this film. It is said that the film is going to be in total contrast to the glimpse released. It is heard that Malli Pelli is going to be a very bold and controversial take touching on topics like marriage and re-marriage.

While Rjau is tight lipped on what the film is about and what it is going to deal with, inside talk is that Raju planned a controversial film on the marriage system with Naresh and Pavitra as the centre. It could also have elements in Naresh and Pavitra’s real-life incidents and off-screen relationship which could add more to the controversy. We have to wait and watch for more details from MS Raju.

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