Rajinikanth’s Hilarious Speech At PS1 Event

Rajinikanth’s speeches at the events are often interesting. The senior actor once again enthralled the audience at the recent event of the PS1 trailer launch, while accompanied by Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan on stage.

Rajini and Kamal were the chief guests at Mani Rathnam’s PS1 trailer launch event. Rajinikanth shared his Dalapathi experiences with Mani Rathnam, and how he had to call Kamal Haasan about the retakes.

The Superstar revealed that he had to wind up shooting of Hindi film in Bombay for the shoot the next day of Dalapathi. While getting ready for the shoot in the morning, the makeup man refused to do any makeup even after Rajinikanth asked him to do it. Mani Rathnam already instructed the makeup man that Rajini’s role does not need makeup.

Wondering about the combination scenes with Mammooty, Rajinikanth said he got worried as the latter looks like an ‘apple’ and it would look odd like a full moon and a new moon. The whole auditorium split into big laughs after Rajini said this. Rajinikanth also said he was given a loose dress and he got it altered by a tailor. And when he appeared in front of Mani Ratnam everybody including Mani looked in surprise. Meanwhile, Sobhana came to him and said they are in plans to replace him with Kamal Haasan, just to pull his leg.

Rajinikanth further brought down the house with laughs about his expressions for the Dalapathi role. Rajinikanth said he took 10 to 12 takes for each scene and he had to call Kamal for help. Kamal Haasan advised Rajinikanth to ask Mani to act and show the scene and then enact the same. Rajini says that the idea of Kamal Haasan worked well and he got through the shooting of Dalapathi.

This whole speech of Rajini left the audience in laughs, including Mani Ratnam and Kamal Haasan.

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