Rahul steps in as election target? Prasanth Kishore Rahul Gandhi..

Kay was in the news once again two months after he was ruled out as a political strategist. Election strategist Prashant Kishore has recently told Rahul Gandhi that he will retire from his job after the West Bengal elections.The meeting will lead to an interesting inclusion in the country’s politics. Rahul Gandhi’s meeting with Priyanka Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi has become a hot topic.

Leading election strategist Prashant Kishore met former Congress president Rahul Gandhi at his residence in Delhi. Rahul had a meeting at home for almost 2 hours. The meeting was also attended by Priyanka Gandhi, KC Venugopal and Harish Rawat. It was discussed on the Assembly elections to be held in Punjab next year. In the wake of this visit, key developments are likely to take place in Punjab. Also Prashant Kishore met Punjab CM Amarendra Singh. After meeting Prashant Kishore with the captain, meeting Rahul became a political priority.

Information that PK has included with the leaders of five states in the wake of the elections to be held for five states next year. It has become interesting to meet Rahul Gandhi at a time when various parties are already working to form the largest political front across the country against the BJP.

Will the Congress party form the largest front together? NCP chief Sharad Power has ruled out the possibility of forming a non-BJP political front without the Congress party, while continuing to speculate whether or not all other parties will form a large political front together without the Congress. That is not to say that before the general elections in 2024, the opposition parties against the Bharatiya Janata Party met at the Center on June 21 with Sarat Power Prashant Kishore on the All National Front.

The meeting between NCP chief Kishore lasted for about an hour and a half. There have been claims that he recently met Rahul Gandhi as part of the process of forming a political front. Prashant Kishore praising Rahul Gandhi a few days ago and the remarks made by future leader Rahul Ne Nani also seem to be the reason for the new political equations.

With assembly elections in five states next year, political parties have always been strategizing. As part of this, Prashant Kishore also met Rahul Gandhi. In particular the information that the separation was included in the Punjab election itself. However, in the wake of the Cold War between Punjab Chief Minister Amarendra Singh and Navjot Singh Sidhu, pk Rahul’s meeting took precedence. The Congress supremacy is focused on averting the pre-poll crisis. The day after Amarendra Singh met Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, he met Prashant Kishore. Currently Rahul Gandhi meeting Prashant Kishore has become a hot topic. Only time will tell whether this combination will last until the Assembly elections or the Parliamentary elections.

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