Punjab Chief Minister resigns! Is he the new Chief Minister of Punjab?

It happened as expected. Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has resigned. He submitted his resignation letter to the Governor as per the directions of the Congress High Command. With this, a phase of the dominance struggle in the ruling Congress in Punjab for some time now has come to an end. The chief minister resigned ahead of a crucial party legislative party meeting. The party high command has decided that the ongoing power struggle in Sidhu vs Amarinder in Punjab is likely to do damage to the party.

With the resignation of Amarinder Singh

Naturally everyone’s focused on who the next chief minister will be. The Congress Legislative Assembly is likely to take a decision on this. It seems likely that a non-Sikh leader will be elected as the Chief Minister this time. The Congress is reportedly considering giving priority to the non-Sikh community in the wake of several surveys revealing that the Aam Aadmi Party is gaining strength in the state. The name of a leader in the list of the next CM is already being heard loudly.

Sunil Kumar Zakhar is the next CM?

With the resignation of Amarinder Singh, Sunil Kumar Zakhar has been at the forefront of the list as the next Chief Minister. He has been elected MLA from Abohar constituency in Punjab three times in a row (2002-2017). In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, BJP candidate Sunny Deol, who contested from Gurdaspur on behalf of the Congress, lost. He was the Congress Legislative Party leader in the Punjab Assembly in 2012-2017. Sunil Kumar Zakhar is said to be the new Chief Minister of Punjab if the Congress gives preference to the non-Sikh community.

Sikh-Non Sikh Combination

The Congress hopes to face the 2022 Assembly elections in a Sikh-non-Sikh combination. It is learned that Navjot Singh Sidhu is currently the PCC chief. The Congress hopes to retain him as PCC chief and hand over the chief ministership to a non-Sikh leader. In fact, no one expected Amarinder Singh to be expelled from the party now.

Amarinder on future activity

Amarinder Singh resigned as Chief Minister a few hours before the Congress Legislative Assembly meeting. A few minutes earlier, he had sent his resignation message to Congress chief Sonia Gandhi. After his resignation, Amarinder expressed deep dissatisfaction with the Congress. “This is the third time that I have been insulted. Do they have any doubts about my strengths? Let them like me … keep the loyalists as the CM. I will continue in the Congress party. I will talk to my close associates about the future course of action and make a decision,” Amarinder Singh said.

Amarinder disgusted with the opposition

It is learned that a faction has been formed in the Punjab Congress against the Chief Minister. They have repeatedly complained to the Congress leadership about the Chief Minister. Recently, the anti-Amarinder faction wrote letters to the Congress leadership once again, demanding a change of leadership by the time of the Punjab Assembly elections. But reports from People say that’s just what’s happening. At the same time, the apex court is said to have ordered Amarinder to resign.

Sidhu Impetus …?

It is learned that Amarinder was strongly opposed to handing over the reins of Punjab PCC to Navjot Singh Sidhu. Amarinder was deeply dissatisfied with Sidhu’s appointment without counting the words. The Cold War between Sidhu and Amarinder lasted for a long time, with the two being summoned to Delhi in an attempt to reconcile. There is an argument that the anti-Amarinder Singh faction is revolting against him at Sidhu’s instigation. Seems to have felt. He is thought to have survived an earlier attempt to oust him following Mr Jiang’s intervention.

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