Priyamani with Pawan Kalyan soon?

Pawan star Pawan Kalyan is now at a speed never seen before in his career. After taking a break from movies for more than two years, he quickly completed his re-entry movie ‘Vakil Saab’. After that Krish started ‘Harihara Veeramallu’ along with Sagar Chandra directed ‘Bhimla Nayak’. Both are currently in the filming stage.

There are indications that Harish Shankar will also start filming soon. It is said that the film, which was announced less than a year ago, will be launched for Dasara. It is already rumored that Pooja Hegde will play the lead role in the film. Pooja like never before .. This time the campaign gained more momentum with the wish for Pawan’s birthday.

However, another heroine will also be seen in the film .. The news is that the heroine is Priyamani. Priyamani who was in a good swing for a few years as a heroine .. then went down. After getting married and settling down in her personal life, she moved away from movies for a while. But in the meantime it is shining in the movies again. She acted in ‘Narappa’ and ‘Virataparvam’. She may not be the main heroine in the Pawan-Harish movie though. She has the potential to be a special role. No wonder the character with the negative shades is doing something.

However, it is a privilege to reach the level of filming with Pawan from the stage where I no longer want a career. She did not co-star with Pawan even at a time when she was in good swing as a heroine. And it remains to be seen how she will use this opportunity.

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