Prashant Kishore Sensational Comments- Can Rahul Gandhi become Prime Minister now?

Rahul Gandhi is not likely to be the next Prime Minister. Because the BJP has been ruling the country for many decades. If there is a Congress party till then .. then even if Rahul Gandhi does not contest, there is a chance that he will become the Prime Minister at the end of his life. That is why we are saying this, says strategist Prashant Kishore on the political future of the BJP.

He said the BJP would be a key player in Indian politics and would not go anywhere for decades to come. Rahul’s dream of defeating the BJP has dashed his hopes that it will not be possible now. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. At the national level, it is difficult for any party to disappear immediately once it wins 30 per cent of the vote.

PK clarified that the influence of BJP will last for 30, 40 years in the country. If people can oust Modi… but the prophecy says BJP will not go anywhere. PK O also gave an example of this. Recall that Congress had influence for 40 years after independence. Even now the BJP has commented that it will remain in the same position for decades. Rahul Gandhi was mistaken in not realizing this. Rahul said he was under the illusion that Modi would be thrown out by the people and that such a thing would not happen. Suggested to be examined at the field level. Prashant Kishore said he would not go against Modi in the current situation.

Recently everyone thought that Prashant Kishore would join the Congress party. It was rumored that he would join the Congress and act as a political advisor to Sonia Gandhi. His inclusion was reportedly opposed by Congress seniors. His remarks came on the heels of Prashant Kishore’s stalled talks with the Congress. BJP leader Ajay Sehrawat took to Twitter to respond to Prashant Kishore’s comments. PK also acknowledged the BJP’s influence. He recalled that Union Minister Amit Shah had said the same thing in the past. There has been no response from Congress to PK’s remarks. 


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