Pawan’s Direct Question to CM Jagan: Why Twist Again?

Jana Sena chief Pawan has made harsh comments on AP Chief Minister Jagan. Establishment of three capitals, CRDA. Despite announcing that it was withdrawing the repealed bills, it was again criticized for pushing the people into confusion. If these consequences are taken into account even what Jagan is doing the court is joking that it seems to be breaking the rules. Pawan commented that there was a strategy behind introducing the new bill in the House with more clarity. He said Jagannath feared defeat in the wake of the ongoing high court hearings in 54 cases related to the capital Amravati.

To sideline the court

Therefore it was criticized that the bills were initiated to avoid the court temporarily. The Jagan Reddy government has launched another new drama at a time when the court verdict is expected to end the chaos. Seven-and-a-half years after the partition of joint Andhra Pradesh, Pawan lamented that these rulers had brought the state to a state where the location of the capital was unknown. Did the rulers, who exemplify the various states that comprehensive development is possible only through decentralization, ignore the fact that there are two or three capitals in any state? Deposed.

Word of mouth is back!

“The YCP is under the illusion that development will be decentralized with the establishment of three capitals. The adults are floating and engaged. Speaking as the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly today on the formation of Amravati as the capital, Jagan Reddy spoke differently from what he had said. When Jagan Reddy came to power today, he forgot what he had said in the assembly that building a capital on 33,000 acres would require at least Rs 1 lakh crore in infrastructure, which would be a costly affair and that the capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai, would not have to be built on at least 30,000 acres. .

More than 3 thousand cases 

Pvt. More than 3,000 cases have been filed against farmers who have given up land for capital. According to the complaint, cases were also registered against women and police stations were turned over. In Amravati, all the political parties in the state stood on the same word that a single capital was not enough. Only three capitals are said to be singing the song.

Amravati Jai!

It is noteworthy that Pawan made it clear on this occasion that Janasena will be a bastion for the farmers of Amravati who have sacrificed 33,000 acres for capital construction. Janasena wants government agencies and industries to expand across the state and the capital to be Amravati alone. We demand that the Jagan Reddy government take a decision on the emergence of a complete capital that the people of the state want with foresight rather than a temporary benefit.

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