Pawan Ready for Narasimha Swamy Darshan Yatra: He Counters CM Jagan’s Comments!

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan countered the Chief Minister’s remarks on the PRC demands of the employees in AP and the call for a strike. Chief Minister Jagan has indirectly commented on Pawan as the adopted son of Chandrababu … who wants a fresh strike. Responding to this, Pawan said that he was the adopted son of the people after the criticism leveled by the YCP leaders against his adopted son. Pawan was incensed at the news that Tamedo was provoking them in the case of government employees.

Everyone is an enemy of the government

Ministers commented that employees were provoked. Everyone joked that the government looked like an enemy. Pawan said the PRC item did not satisfy any of the employees. They mentioned the same thing. He was incensed that if anyone made reasonable criticisms of the government they were being criticized for not accepting it. Pawan Kalyan made key remarks that YCP leaders have also criticized judges in the judiciary for advising you not to. The PRC said the issue of employee salaries was not created by themselves.

Dominant tendency

Government adviser Sajjala Gari did not like the word “dominant trend” on the roads. He said the government should have looked positively at the problems and demands of the employees. Millions of employees have made it clear that we are not the cause of it if the stomach gets on the roads. Pawan recalled that Jagan Reddy had promised to dissolve the CPS and give jobs in the week before the elections. Pawan Kalyan pointed out that it is not a good practice to mock those who are fighting over issues, who will speak if the state government acts according to the rules. He said that people in the government should act responsibly.

Pawan Narasimha Darshan Yatra

He said the onus was on the parties to support the employees. Pawan, meanwhile, made a key announcement. Narasimha revealed that he was carrying out a darshan yatra seeking the welfare of the Telugu people of the two states. They said they were carrying out a program measuring their home deity Anjaneya Swami. Kondagattu explained that he would visit Anjaneya Swami..Dharmapuri Narasimha Swami. In the same way we are making special arrangements for March 14th Emergence Day. Pawan suggested that party leaders in the two Telugu states attend a limited number of events.

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