Pawan Kalyan To Turn As Terrorist To Protect AP

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan became furious when he touched upon the issue of Rayalaseema. Suddenly, the actor became aggressive during his speech and raised his voice against the divisive forces in Rayalaseema. He said that there would be no other violent ‘terrorist’ than him, if anybody would say that they would divide Andhra Pradesh. There is one Byreddy Rajasekhar Reddy who is demanding that Rayalaseema should be separated from Andhra Pradesh. “If you are not given power, will you bifurcate the state?”

There are thousands who sacrificed their lives for the welfare of the country and state. People cannot just ask for separate states as they wish. It is not possible to break the state and share the pieces to whoever demands it.

“On the 74th Republic Day, let me make it clear that irrespective of the political party, be it the YCP or any other party, if you speak in a divisive manner, there will be no worst terrorist than me,” he said, to which there was a big applause from the Jana Sena cadre.

“We are vexed. Did you ever read the speeches delivered during the Constituent Assembly debates, while framing of the Constitution? You people are mired in corruption and do not know anything about public policy. Will we sit as silent spectators? Desa Bhaktulam. Tholu teesi kinda kuchopedatam. Tamasha ga unda okkokkallaki. Visigipoyam sannasulathoti. Baaga… Maa nela ani antaru. Maa nela kaada idi. Maa desam kaada idi.”

This statement evoked a huge response from the party activists who whistled in unison. “What did you do for Rayalaseema? How many CMs hailed from Rayalaseema? Why could not they protect Rayalaseema? Why could they not stop migration from Kurnool and other districts in Rayalaseema?”

Even north Andhra people want a separate state. Do you know that one Sai Reddy belonging to Jagtial died while fighting for the steel plant in Vizag? One Habibullah Mastan also died in Guntur during the agitation seeking establishment of Vizag steel plant. There are many people who sacrificed their life for the sake of the state. Please stop giving statements as per your inconvenience. Stop this. Enough of this division of the state. This is not my anger but my agony.”

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