Pawan Kalyan once again alleges YSRCP government of corruption..!

Pawan Kalyan talking at Pedana Meeting in his Varahi Vijaya Yatra

Pawan Kalyan has decided to conduct Vijaya Varahi Yatra in Andhra Pradesh before elections. This Yatra is more about asking voters to consider Janasena in next elections. Now, Pawan Kalyan has joined hands with TDP and stated that they will be in coilation for 2024 elections. He has decided to conduct Varahi meeting at Pedana on 4th October. Pawan Kalyan at the meeting alleged YSRCP government of grave corruption.

He stated that government has announced welfare schemes but did not really uplift AP people. Pawan Kalyan has said that AP people have elected a corrupt leader while they have also become corrupt by taking money to vote. He opined that now discussion should be about who is less corrupt and what is permissable level corruption. He further explained that even Politicial analysts like Prashant Kishore have even stated that voters are turning corrupt. Pawan Kalyan has stated that people have lost their right to ask government due to this corruption while voting.

The actor-turned-politician has stated that Janasena and he will not be afraid. He stated that Nara Chandrababu Naidu’s arrest is illegal and such oppression won’t help YSRCP to snub his voice. Pawan Kalyan opined that TDP-Janasena coilation will form government in 2024. He said that he never wanted to work for positions or political gains. Pawan Kalyan stated that he would have been MP back in 2009, if he wanted. He also said that he would not be afraid of CM Jagan or YSRCP goons.

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