Notices to the Center on Special Status?

The High Court has issued a notice to the Center to answer why the AP was not given special status under the Partition Act. The judge recalled during a hearing in the Rajya Sabha that UPA Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had given special status to AP development. The judge was of the view that it was the responsibility of the Central Government to state why the NDA government which came to power after the UPA government did not abide by the Partition Act and the guarantees given by the UPA government.

The promise given by one government should be implemented by the next government. But the Manmohan Singh government’s promise was thwarted by the Narendra Modi government. There is not a single incident where the Modi government has implemented 100% of any of the guarantees in the Partition Act. No one understands why the Modi government is acting like it has taken revenge on the AP. The Modi government is evading telling stories that are reminiscent of the UPA promise.

Special package in place of special status is going. Vizag is said to be the railway division instead of the special railway zone as the center. Development funds for backward districts have been suspended. The steel factory at Kadapa was set aside. Seen in any form like this, all the guarantees were blown away. The BJP also betrayed the AP by allying with Chandrababu Naidu, who came to power after the partition.

According to the latest situation, politics has finally changed to give it special status. Modi is also credited with turning assurances into a political agenda. Although cases have been filed in the Supreme Court against the Modi government, it is not yet known at what stage the cases are being heard. The High Court therefore accepted the case filed for enforcement of the special status for hearing.

It remains to be seen how the central government will respond to the latest High Court orders. Because it has always been clear that the central government has no intention of protecting the interests of the AP. The main reason for this may be the lack of an actual BJP address in the AP, which may have led to the suspicion that the AP would not be of much party use. It must be said, however, that it is unfortunate that the court is stepping up to enforce the separation law. It remains to be seen what the Center will answer to the High Court’s question as to why the AP should not be given special status when it is given to other states in the country.



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