Movies ready for release on Sankranthi?

Telugu audience has high hopes for 2022 Sankranthi movies. Opakka RRR, Inkopakka Radheshyam .. Bhimla Naik in the middle if possible .. I thought the box office size would go up with such big pictures. But all expectations were dashed. Earlier, Bhimla Naik was postponed due to a theatrical issue. RRR and Radheshyam were adjourned one after the other due to Corona.

Among these huge films 

Bangaraju, which was supposed to be released on a small scale, has now become the biggest Sankranthi upcoming film. However, its release date is still in doubt. On the other hand, a lot of short films based on RRR and Radheshyam have entered the wallpaper race. Before the release of the wallpapers without looking back and forth the front chief however laid down. But none of the films given such an announcement have been released for Sankranthi. At present, four films seem to have been finalized for Sankranthi.

Bangarraju-Hero-Rowdy Boys

It is learned that Bangarraju will be released on January 14. Release date posters also appeared. Galla Ashok, who is getting acquainted with Hero, has announced that the Hero movie will be released on January 15. The film crew also held a press meet to this effect. Dil Raju’s nephew Ashish Reddy’s entry as the hero is rumored to be the 14th release of Rowdy Boys January.

Along with this 

the DJ Till taken by Sithara Entertainments with Sidhu Jonnalingadda on the same day is also coming. That means three movies on the festival day and another movie on the next day. All in all, these four movies seem to be the finalists for Sankranthi. Super Machchi, 7 Days 6 Nights, Shekhar .. Many other films like this have been released by Sankranthi but .. Avevi did not come to the festival. Also, the Tamil translation of the film was delayed and the common man was also postponed.

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