Kuppam Bustle of Chandrababu : How does he control Jr NTR fans? 

Telugu Desam party leader and former chief minister Chandrababu Naidu will tour his own constituency, Kuppam in Chittoor district. His tour will last for three days. Chandrababu spends Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays there. Reviews are conducted zone-wise. He will then address a public meeting. Chandrababu’s departure for Kuppam once again took precedence in the wake of the defeat in the local body elections.

Fortress as TDP ..

Voters have been vying for the Telugu Desam Party since its inception. This is one of the Assembly seats where the Telugu Desam Party has never lost. Chandrababu first contested from Kuppam in 1989 as a TDP candidate. Has won seven times in a row so far. That constituency was turned into a bastion. The other party is in a position to think twice if it wants to win here.

The attraction of the fading Telugudesam

Such conditions do not exist there now. Adverse conditions prevailed for the party. Chandrababu’s charisma faded. The TDP fort had cracks. The party almost reached the point of collapse. Even if the TDP leader contests .. the political climate is in a heap that must be sweated to win. Not surprisingly, he lost. The ruling YSR Congress Party replaced the TDP.

Evidence of local body election results

In the Kuppam constituency, previous local body elections made it clear that the Telugu Desam Party had weakened the TDP from the village level. Is it true that TDP did not win in any election at the level of Panchayats, Zones, Zilla Parishads and Municipalities? Lost a huge percentage of the vote. The local body elections have proved that the YSRCP, which lost the 2019 Assembly elections by a margin of over 30,000 votes in the heap, will be able to win the seat if elections are held now.

The effect of junior NTR is high

There is no doubt that the junior NTR factor has weakened the Telugu Desam Party. The demand to hand over the party presidency to Junior NTR is well heard in Kuppam constituency. Whenever Chandrababu comes for a visit .. this demand is heard and fulfilled. Banners are lit on the junior name. There were no instances where Chandrababu had heard this demand before. Earlier, local TDP activists chanted slogans before him during his visit. The demand to hand over the reins of the party to the Nandamuri family is strong in Kuppam constituency.

Rule beyond the parties

The Telugu Desam party leadership feels that three factors have become crucial for the weakening of the party in Kuppam. One- Jagan Sarkar’s style of governance. He says voters are leaning towards the YCP because of the implementation of welfare schemes beyond politics and parties. Providing welfare schemes at home to families who are Telugudesam party supporters has become a plus. At the same time, TDP sympathizers say that the recruitment of young men and women as volunteers and jobs in the village secretariats have created favorable conditions for the YCP.

Stayed there for three days

In the midst of these developments, Chandrababu is going to visit his own constituency. He will stay there for three days. In the wake of the bitter results in the local body elections- it became interesting to see what kind of results this tour headed by him would give. So far, Chandrababu has been touring Kuppam even when the party lost the panchayat elections. The same results were repeated in the subsequent ZPTC and MPTC elections. Chandrababu himself came and stayed but the good results did not come.

Chandrababu’s visit

Nadee was supposed to go to the dump on the 11th of this month. A four-day tour schedule was also drawn up. It was postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. Now again he heads this tour. Will be touring for three days from Friday. Arrive in Bangalore on a special flight. From there go to the heap on the road. Meetings will be held with the leaders of Kuppam, Santipuram and Ramakuppam zones. Gudupalle and Santipuram mandals are visited.

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