Kelvin who booked cine celebrities horizontally?

It is known that the drug case rocked Tollywood in 2017. However, the case has taken a new turn with the recent entry of the entire case into the trial of this drugs case. Tollywood director Puri Jagannath was interrogated for almost 10 hours as part of a probe into the drugs case. However, it seems that drug peddler Kelvin is behind the re-emergence of the case, which has been closed for four years, and the whole entry into the case.

It seems that Ed has given notice to 12 Tollywood celebrities in the affair as soon as Kelvin became the approver for Ed a few days ago. It seems that the names of the movie celebrities came out with the information provided by Kelvin. Based on the details given by Kelvin, it is being publicized that Ed has found a huge amount of money transferred from here to abroad. Hence, it seems that during the Puri Jagannath trial, the entire focus was mainly on cash transfers and since 2015, Puri has been inquiring into bank account details.

It is learned that the bank statement also said that Puri had sent money to African countries and also questioned why Puri had sent money to Kelvin accounts. It is learned that the entire authorities put a barrage of questions on Puri Bank transactions and Kelvin Bank statements before Puri and hence the inquiry went on for 10 hours. It seems that the same situation will be faced by the film personalities who will be attending the trial after Puri.

In fact, Kelvin has been investigated by excise officials in the past. But, on that occasion Kelvin’s mouth seemed to soften. But, 6 months ago the whole case was registered against Kelvin. Based on the case filed by the Excise Department, the entire case was registered and an inquiry was started. Kelvin has been questioned almost 12 times over the past 6 months by authorities, and Kelvin’s bank accounts have also been frozen.

Kelvin was left speechless as the whole trial proceeded in his own style. It was during this sequence that Kelvin became approver and revealed the names of several cine celebrities. It seems that there is a whole lot of planning to seize the bank accounts of movie celebrities in the same way that Kelvin’s accounts were seized soon. Talk is coming that Kevin has become an approver and has booked movie celebrities horizontally.

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