Karate Kalyani hits a YouTuber Srikanth Reddy on the Sidewalk!

Karate Kalyani and YouTuber Srikanth Reddy attacked each other. On Thursday night, a YouTuber chased Srikanth Reddy in Yusuf Gooda Basti, Hyderabad and attacked Srikanth Reddy. Along with karate Kalyani, some others were crushed together.

Srikanth Reddy has been posting vulgar videos on social media for the last few years. Srikanth Reddy became popular by going to aunts and girls, talking about sex with them, talking to whores to provoke lust and sharing them on social media.

However, Karate Kalyani went to Srikanth Reddy’s house and crushed him as he was disrespecting women and Hindus in these frank videos. ‘What are the frank videos you are making .. what do you think society should do ..? She slapped him on the cheek. Srikanth Reddy was overthrown when her followers also attacked her at once.

Along with karate Kalyani .. Srikanth Reddy attacked the person who beat him. Karate Kalyani was hit in the cheek during the altercation. Karate Kalyani fell down with the baby in the fight. After that, she got up again .. Karate Kalyani followed Srikanth Reddy and hit the eggs.

However, Srikanth Reddy asked Karate Kalyani if ​​he did not want to take frank videos, where is your right to go and give me a complaint and hit me. Srikanth Reddy alleged that he asked for money to take a video with him.

Karate Kalyani also explained that Srikanth Reddy had behaved indecently with her and asked her to lie down next to him. We told him that he was beaten because he had the guts .. this is what happened.

Karate Kalyani has alleged that he is doing what he likes to women in the name of prank videos. Karate Kalyani says that he provokes lonely girls and women to satisfy his lust. However, Srikanth Reddy said that he is making these prank videos with paid artists for money. I’m not wrong but .. will I be beaten if I make videos? The counter is giving. However, Kalyani has released videos of the entire issue live on her Facebook page. They lodged a complaint with each other within the SR Nagar police station after the attack.

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