Kalvakuntla’s Kavitha is unanimous as an MLC!

Kalwakuntla Kavitha was unanimously elected as the MLC of Nizamabad Local Bodies. Independent candidate Kotigiri Srinivas became unanimous after the authorities rejected his nomination. Kotigiri Srinivas’ nomination was rejected after he made a mistake in Form 26 of the nomination. The nomination was rejected as the bank account details were not given in the form. With this, Kalvakuntla Kavitha was unanimously elected as the MLC.

Forgery controversy

Forgery controversy erupts in Nizamabad local body MLC elections. Controversy erupted over the nomination of independent candidate Kotagiri Srinivas. The two persons who signed the Kotigiri nomination proposal were reversed. Alleged that their signatures were forged. Kotagiri Srinivas says they have nothing to do with the nomination.

Those signatures are not placenta

Kotigiri Srinivas nomination papers are signed by Nandipet MPTC Navneeta, Nizamabad 31st Ward Division MIM Corporator Ghazia Sultana. Now they say they have nothing to do with those signatures. Ghazia Sultana has lodged a complaint with the Returning Officer against Kotagiri Srinivas. Kotigiri Srinivas’ nomination appears to have been rejected due to mistakes in Form 26 of the nomination.

The nomination was rejected due to non-disclosure of bank account details in the rejection form. Kalwakuntla Kavitha was unanimously elected to the position of MLC of Nizamabad Local Bodies. If elected, her victory would have been over Nalleru. But the mistakes made by the Independent candidate became a plus point for the poem.

Six + one

It is learned that the earlier six MLC candidates were unanimous. In the MLA quota MLC elections, TRS candidates Kadiam Srihari, Gutta Sukhender Reddy, Banda Prakash, Thakkellapalli Ravinder Rao, Venkatramareddy and Padi Kaushikreddy were unanimously elected. The Returning Officer on Tuesday handed over certificates of success to them. Polling for these seats is scheduled to be held on the 26th of the month. None of the parties except the TRS in the Legislative Assembly has fielded candidates as they do not have the numerical strength to win the MLC in this quota. One or two nominations were filed as independent candidates but those documents were rejected due to non-compliance with the rules. With the deadline for withdrawal of nominations ending at 3 pm on Monday, their election was unanimous as there were only six nominations filed on behalf of TRS. The swearing-in ceremony will be held after the government issues a gazette notification regarding Madhusudanachari, who has been selected as the MLC in the governor’s quota. Now the poem was also unanimously elected.

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