Joining the Party was solid and will Kaushik Reddy get a Huzurabad Ticket?

Kaushik Reddy, who wants to be the Congress candidate in the Huzurabad by-election, has unexpectedly jumped into the TRS. Kaushik Reddy, who recently resigned from the Congress, joined the Rose Party in the presence of Chief Minister and TRS chief KCR. So far so good, but the way KCR reacted to Kaushik at the time of this addition will he still get a by-election ticket is causing the question.

What KCR has said so far is the responsibility of young people like Kaushik Reddy to bring back the hard-won Telangana. Without limiting him to Huzurabad and Karimnagar .. KCR said that there will be opportunities to work across the state. It is noteworthy that KCR announced that it would make Kaushik Reddy the state leader.

Everyone will get positions. After one, there will be opportunities for others,” KCR said. KCR called on all TRS workers to stand firm with Kaushik Reddy. The gist of all these words is that in the Huzarabad by-poll, opinions are being expressed that Kaushik Reddy did not get a TRS ticket.

If Kaushik Reddy had a chance in Huzurabad, KCR would not have spoken like this! I do not want to be limited to the constituency. By saying that the front lines will come, the KCR pots will be smashed!

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