Jagan New Strategy – 175 Seat Target Without PK Help?

Prashant Kishore was instrumental in bringing the YCP to power for the first time in the AP. Jagan himself told the ministers during a cabinet meeting that he would be serving for the party from this year .. Now Utern has taken over. PK services no longer wanted to run. In its place, it has set a target of 175 seats and targets ministers as well as in-charges. Jagan’s tactics are now being discussed on a large scale within his own party.

Jagan does not want to peek .. Bringing YCP to power with a huge majority in AP .. YCP and Jagan know very well how important the role of Prashant Kishore is behind it. Not only the general public but also the opposition parties know this. The same Prashant Kishore’s departure by saying that his company will provide I-PAC services without working for YCP is now being discussed.

The relationship he seeks with Congress seems to be breaking down in the wake of the impact of the services provided by the TRS on the YCP. However, Jagan could not give up Prashant Kishore so easily. But Jagan came to this decision seriously. With this, the reasons behind Jagan’s decision are being discussed.

Jagan is targeting 175 seats. Without Prashant Kishore, it is a risk to want to go to the polls with the help of his I-PAC. However, setting a target of 175 seats is another risk. Jagan’s question on whether he will win 175 seats in the forthcoming elections at the party leaders’ meeting is being debated in the YCP as well as other parties.

Is Jagan faithful or overconfident.. Jagan’s attempts to reach the target of 175 seats by taking IPAC services from his company, not Prashant Kishore, seem like a huge risk. Already tolerating the growing unpopularity in the state .. a situation where strategies have to change and move forward. The party ranks and file are saying that confidence in the leaders will erode if PK services go away. Based on the achievements of the YCP in these three years and intelligence reports, it seems that Jagan has taken this decision.

What is the real strategy.. Given the current political situation in the AP, there is no record of the TDP or any other opposition party competing for power beyond the YCP. By the time of the next elections, that is, unless circumstances change dramatically during these two years, nothing will be seen coming to the YCP pilgrimage. At the same time if PK works directly there is nothing to lose except the burden of hundreds of crores.

Instead of giving away hundreds of crores to PK at a time when there is a chance of him regaining power in the state, Jagan hopes to put another success in their accounts by re-implementing the tactics he had given earlier. That is why the party ranks are repeatedly called upon to adhere to basics such as the door-to-door campaign. Jagan is of the opinion that no new strategies are needed if it is to succeed.

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