Increasing market value of land in Telangana as a revenue target ..! Buyers as a concern!

Buyers are worried that the market value of land prices in the state of Telangana is going to increase. Real Estate market value going on high rate concerned about how it will be, the news that the market value of agricultural, non-agricultural land, houses, house plots, commercial buildings, apartments is going to be assessed is making them blindfolded.

Some of them are already making GPAs, purchase agreements. How much will the real estate market value increase? To what extent are the stamp duty, registration and registration charges applicable? Unknowingly embarrassed. Most of those who bought agricultural and non-agricultural land had GPA.

Land value increase

Despite the deadline to register, they are trying to escape the additional burden with the news that land values ​​will increase from next month. Booking the slot for registrations and approaching the offices of the Sub-Registrar and Tehsildar as the dates are finalized. Even those who have recently made agreements are flocking to your service centers and online centers to book a slot for registration. Some are paying these challans to make registrations by January 31st. The rising market values ​​are worrying for the middle class who have been given advances for places and home purchases to realize their dream of owning. Servings ..


There are expectations that there will be deliveries from the new financial year onwards. Some have agreed in advance to register in March and April. They are also trying to register by the end of this month. Officials’ expectations on revenue generated through asset registration are rising. For the 2021-22 financial year, the highest revenue was Rs 1,030 crore in December. On a monthly basis, government revenue from real estate transactions continues to double. Revenue continued to rise in the remaining 9 months except May last year.

Increased government revenue

From April 2021 to January 26, 2022, the registration department generated revenue of Rs 6,932.70 crore. The government has projected revenue of Rs 12,500 crore for the current financial year. Revenue is said to have declined as registrations stalled in the wake of the corona and land sales stalled during the Dharani implementation. Revenue rose as registrations rebounded. Revenue so far this month was Rs 748 crore. It is likely to cross Rs 1,000 crore by the end of the month. Hyderabad, Rangareddy, Medchal and Sangareddy districts are generating more revenue than expected for the registration department. Real boom continues in Hanumakonda, Khammam, Yadadri, Bhubaneswar, Nallagonda and Siddipet districts

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