How far is control over social media possible? Is it necessary?

Will Twitter, Whatsapp and Facebook be banned in India?

WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook will be shut down as there will be no more social media in the country. People have been gagging on the ban on social media, which has been promoting emotional freedom in whatever way they like, for years.

If the BJP social media wing launches a smear campaign under the name of Congress toolkit, Twitter will start tagging it as unreliable information. So the right campaign started with the criticism that the BJP was going to shut down Twitter with that party. In fact the the Congress toolkit controversy that took place during that time of farmers’ boring initiations is real. The Twitter Company has tagged unbelievable information to key BJP leaders. As well as suspending those accounts as well as not deleted tweets. Anger is in the BJP.

But such controversies are not new to twitter, they keep coming and going. Take virtually any social media. It does not increase animosity with the government. Doing so would damage its business objectives. They do not have that need. Such is the case in India where there are a large number of household accounts who want a ban.

And then the TIKTOK story thing completely separates then the atmosphere of neck-to-neck war with China continues. Up was banned for that reason. The wave was a signal to China and a signal of protest. But with Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, sticking is not an easy task. They are intertwined with people’s lives, they are not even Chinese platforms.

What has happened so far, what is this commotion, what is the real reason?

A few months ago brought in some guidelines for curbing social media. Back then it was necessary to be true, but there was a need to curb the partying of information. Not only our country but many countries have tried. Accordingly, a grievance officer, a chief compliance officer and a nodal contact person should be appointed separately for each social media platform in the country. There should be a mechanism to respond to the public on issues such as complaints about content and bans on accounts. So the guidelines of the day made it clear that these appointments were mandatory. There are so many rule that people have to answer questions in just 15 days. The rules expire on May 25 this month.

However, except for Twitter, the Mare platform did not respond and did not comment. At first one or two months passed and then six months passed, thinking that anything could be dragged like this. Slow seemed to have an easy sense of what a neglect center actually does. With that, the Special Cell officials went to the Twitter office and contacted the center as per the instructions. Which is the story of what actually happened? With that, social media was abuzz at once. It is not easy to shut down his governments and leaders. Somehow they extend the foot asphalt roots. Writers keep writing and those who object keep doing so.

It is estimated that almost 40% of the world’s population uses social media? Reports say that an average of two hours a day is spent in this. What is the impact of social media on human thoughts, feelings and emotions? Studies are currently underway on the impact of social media on people’s lives. So one thing is for sure social media can affect people’s mood. Whatever his control over social media is not going to be possible so quickly.

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