Happy Birthday NTR .. For Directors Always Student No.1

Everyone knows how Young Tiger NTR started his career and grew to such a level. NTR, who tasted industry records as a teenager, has now become a pan-Indian hero. Young tiger NTR There is no other actor in this generation who can surpass NTR.

Everyone agrees on this point. There are also a lot of people who are scared to even look at NTR Diction. The base in that voice would not have even come to another actor. So NTR is unstoppably now leapfrogging at the national level. Today (May 20) is NTR’s birthday. On this occasion, let’s take a look at the NTR cine career.

It is known that NTR entered the film industry as a child artist. NTR is always proud to say that he acted in the movie Brahmarshi Vishwamitra with his grandfather. NTR made its film debut in 1991. In it, NTR appears in the role of Bharatha.

NTR then played the role of Rama in the Ramayana by Guna Shekhar. All of these are characters cast in childhood. However, NTR received the Nandi National Award for its portrayal of Rama in the Ramayana. All these are films that he acted in as a child.

He came on the silver screen at the age of seventeen. However, despite earlier discussions regarding the film Student Number One, Tarak agreed to watch the film as it was delayed. It’s like the entry was made with the movie to see you for the whole thing. That movie was messed up badly.

Then came the movie Student Number One. This is Rajamouli’s first film. The film also taught NTR its first lesson. The movie Student Number One took Tollywood by surprise at that time. Rajamouli Taking, Talent .. NTR Satta Ento is known to everyone. If a film is made with a budget of less than two crores .. Aura seemed to collect up to 12 crores.

NTR, suffocated by the first success, suffered a major blow afterwards. NTR starred in a disaster movie like Subbu. However it did not take long for this blow to heal. After that Adi took a new step. Aadi is not even 20 years old by the time of the movie. Mustache fused with factionalism at an early age. Adi shook the industry once again with the film. NTR and VV Vinayak gave a new definition to Mass. Aadi movie was also released for less than two crores. But collected nearly 19 crores.

After Aadi, two movies in a row (Allari Ramudu, Naga) flopped. The whole industry would be shaken if a film called Simhadri was made with Jakkanna again. Tollywood has come to a standstill as to what the 21-year-old boy is up to. In the movie Simhadri, the NTR actor showed his cosmic form. The film went on to become an industry hit, garnering rave reviews at the box office. If 8 crores is screened .. it seems that almost 25 crores has been earned.

And the NTR craze is sky high. Everyone thinks that the original Sisal descendant came to the Nandamuri dynasty. During that time he co-directed the film NTR Andhrawala with Mass Director Puri Jagannath. There was tremendous hype. The people who attended this film function, its visuals are still a record forever. No one would have imagined that such a big function would take place again and so many people would come. Even if no one believes it will happen. The Andhrawala film, however, suffered a crushing defeat at the box office.

After that Samba didn’t seem to mind .. My son-in-law became a disaster. If there is an irreparable blow in the form of Narasimhudu .. NTR’s acting level has taken another step with the Rakhi movie. When Yamadonga became a hit .. Kantri became the biggest disaster. Campaigning for the TDP in the 2009 elections, NTR Cine’s career also changed completely after a road accident. NTR unveiled his comedy timing with the film Adurs. Adurs then hit it off with Family Entertainer as a choir.

When he thought everything was fine .. Shakti scared everyone. The film was critically acclaimed. Became the Biggest Disaster at the Box Office. The chameleons that came after that, Dammu and Ramayana Vasthavayya were also disappointed. Badshah movie .. once again showed the comedy timing in NTR.

The film was a box office hit. The ensuing Temper film turned NTR’s movie career around. Puri Jagannath shows a new NTR that has not been seen till then. Everyone is addicted to NTR acting. The film became a blockbuster hit with its separate diction and dialogue delivery.

That’s how the Temper movie NTR fans will remember forever. After that, with love for my father, Janata Garage, Jai Lava Kush and Aravinda Samatha hit hits in a row. Komuram Bhim’s extraordinary performance in the film RRR impressed everyone at the national level. Now he is working with directors like Koratala Shiva (NTR 30) and Prashant Neil (NTR 31).

However, NTR will always be the student number one for the director. Every single director agrees that NTR is good at acting. Despite giving disaster every time he was hit in his career .. he has been desperately invading the box office for the last few years. Hitting hits. Thus NTR Badshah turned into a box office hit.

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