Guess! How Many Movie Tickets Sold In India In 2022

Box Office sales have improved a lot in the year 2022. The years 2020 and 2021 witnessed a huge decline in the film business. COVID crisis is to be blamed, and the further inhibitions of people coming to theatres, along with the emergence of OTT shattered the hopes of producers.

However, 2022 is a big relief to the producers and people involved in the showbiz. The confidence of the producers was boosted to the next level, with a business of 10K crores taking place in the financial year in India.

According to Ormax, ₹10,637 crores worth tickets has been sold in the year 2022 across India, which is very huge.

Top 5 contributing languages as per the same is as follows:

  1. Hindi – ₹3500 crores
  2. Telugu – ₹2100 crores
  3. Tamil – ₹1700 crores
  4. Hollywood – ₹1200 crores
  5. Kannada – ₹850 crores

With many big releases becoming a hit at the box office in Bollywood and Tollywood, they put together half of what India has done. The 2023 Sankranthi box office already looks promising and going by these stats, let us hope that 2023 will also be filled with flying colors.

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