Governorship Scam: CBI arrests white collar scamsters

Governorship Scam has brought out a white collar scam that increase your belief in people believe anything and any kind of job, post can be attained by the power of money. Posing as senior IAS officer Kamalakar Prem Kumar lead the scamsters group.

Ravindra Vital Nayak from Karnataka, Mahendra Pal Arora from Delhi, Abhishek Boora, Mohammad Aizaz Khan have been Prem Kumar’s partners. They all have formed a gang as IAS officers with big connections. They have planned to dupe political leaders, IAS officers for an amount of Rs.100 crores offering them Rajya Sabha MP seats and Governorship.

They have planned to dupe posing as lobbyists who have connections among the top tier officials to get the people what position they wish for. CBI announced that they have arrested the scamsters and filed FIR on the above-mentioned names.

CBI got the information as few people approached them with anonymous complaints stating that a group has approached them asking for money to get them appointed in Governor, Chairman, Rajya Sabha seats. CBI has announced that the charge sheet will be submitted in the court soon.

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