Godavari floods: Telugu states issue high alert!

Godavari river basin in Telugu states, especially Telangana witnessed huge amount of rains in the past ten days. Now, the water that has been collected in the tributaries has been causing floods in the godavari basin. The water levels at Bhadrachalam have reached all-time highest and 200 villages have been under water for some time.

Right now, the officials have increased outflow and the inflow has decreased. The flood water in Bhadrachalam is consioderably going down but Dhavaleswaram bridge is receiving all the water and so much more from Andhra Pradesh tributaries of the river.

Much of the water is being sent down into the sea. Andhra Pradesh officials are worried about how to control the situation. They are asking people staying near the flood areas to go to safe places. Telangana state has started rescue camps and people staying near the flood villages have been shifted to rescue camps.

Officials are giving them food in those camps and arranging for their safety as well. Due to some issues, rescue officials are finding it difficult to arrange all the food items and travel arrangements. The Telugu states have issued high alert due to Godavari Floods.

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