Freebies For Apartment Complexes, Gated Communities!

Elections have become a quid pro quo arrangement in which the candidates and political parties shower doles to the poor and the marginalised, in return for which they get votes. Surprisingly, this arrangement has always been restricted to the ‘economically weaker’ sections and minorities in the society.

Understanding the resentment of the middle-class, political parties seemingly tried to appease them also by pulling them too into purview of freebies.

As part of this, the candidates began visiting gated communities and apartment complexes in various cities in Telangana. During their interactions with the representatives of the apartment complexes, the candidates are reportedly aiming at garnering the votes of the inmates of the entire building.

Now, the representatives of the apartments are also trying to exploit the situation by asking for CC camera arrangement or installing solar power system for the complex. Though a few political candidates are getting to foot the bills for these demands, a few others, it is learnt are hesitating to part with the money due to trust issues. They are suspecting if the residents of these apartments would vote for them even after getting their work done.

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