Festival for Nandamuri fans: Balakrishna’s special invitation to Junior NTR!

In all the Akkineni Family Mega Family Heroes impressed their fans immensely with their multi starrer movies. Nandamuri is the only one left in the multi starrer combo. In their combination, records at the box office will be on another level when it comes to movies. It is not uncommon for junior NTR Balakrishna to appear together in the same frame. Usually when the media comes forward the related photos set a trend on social media. It is no longer normal to appear on a silver screen. Not only Nandamuri fans but also fans of other heroes are eagerly waiting for that day. However, it seems that Balakrishna Jr. has recently sent an invitation exclusively to NTR.

Pan India Market

It is a known fact that Junior NTR is currently going on with the highest market among Nandamuri descendants. Balakrishna, who has shouldered the Nandamuri legacy on his shoulders after senior NTR, is moving forward in the same vein, while junior NTR has been expanding his market to include films like Pan India. Currently, the name Junior NTR has become a hot topic not only in the Tollywood industry but also in other industries.

When it comes to Nandamuri multistarrer, the fact that junior NTR Balakrishna appears in the same frame means that it is very rare. Like the rest of the heroes, however, they were mostly visible to the outside world. Whatever the reasons, fans are eagerly waiting to see them in the same frame. In the past, there have been various reports that the film is coming in their combination. But the two heroes did not officially give Clarity even once. When it comes to Nandamuri multistarrer, it’s not normal.

Akhanda Grand Prix Release Event

Nandamuri Balakrishna is coming soon with Akhanda. Needless to say, the expectations on this film, which is being directed by Boyapati Sreenu, are high. Surely at the box office a positive vibrations have already been created that this combination will own a hat trick success. The film is also looking to hold a grand pre-release event.

Invitation to Junior NTR

It seems likely that Junior NTR will be coming for the Akhanda pre-release event. Information that a special invitation has been sent to Balakrishna Tarak. Akhanda Cinema is coming out on December 2. The film is expected to hold a grand pre-release event a week in advance. It is likely that a huge number of fans will come from both the states. Information that Junior NTR will be the special attraction in this ceremony. It will take a few more days to find out how true this news is.

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