Does Jagan need this advisor?

The appointments that Jaganmohan Reddy is making in the case of advisors are very strange. Does Jagan ever take the advice of those he takes as his advisors? Do you give pics to counselors as much as they advise? Is something that no one understands. It is also doubtful whether those who took charge as advisers had a scene where Jagan was advised.

This is because Jagan has met and discussed with those who are advisors in many branches, and has never heard or seen the advice he has given or taken. Many were hired as advisors when Jagan came to power. One or two of them also resigned. And most of the rest don’t even know what they’re doing. They are going to hire another consultant as soon as their situation is like this.

The sector is reportedly preparing to hire former APNGO president Chandrasekhara Reddy as an advisor to advise the government on employee terms of service. What advice would you give after being hired as a consultant? No one knows what the government will take. This is because IAS officers are there to make advice and suggestions on employee terms of service. Trade union leaders are on hand to accompany IAS officers when needed.

How do law department superiors make legal advice and suggestions when needed? The Advocate General is there to look into such matters in the courts. And what does a new prospective counselor do when there are so many people to give advice and suggestions on employee service matters? In fact, there is a growing perception that the salaries and allowances received from the government are punishable by the vast majority of those hired as advisers.


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