Do not do these things after the corona vaccine is fried … or will you face this problem?

Since the inception of the corona vaccine in the population, so far most people have been vaccinated against corona. Many people were initially reluctant to take the corona vaccine. Because many people say that the vaccine causes side effects. But experts say all side effects are common and can be cured in a day or two. Experts say getting the corona vaccine may prevent the spread of the disease.

So now many people are interested in getting vaccinated and want to know what to do and what not to do after vaccination. After the corona vaccine, medical experts advise not to force certain things. Below are the things not to do immediately after the Covid vaccine is fried.

Mask wear should not be avoided

Just because you have been vaccinated against corona, does not mean that you are completely immune to corona. Corona is spread by vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals. So even if you vaccinate the corona, do not forget to wear a mask.

Social gap should not be ignored

People who have been vaccinated against corona should avoid going to crowded places. And the social gap must be followed. This is good not only for you, but also for those around you. Because keep in mind that the corona can also come with the vaccine.

If you experience symptoms

Do not consult a doctor if you have symptoms of corona virus after receiving the corona vaccine, you should see a doctor immediately, as the vaccine will not cure you automatically.

Do not fry the tattoo

Do not tattoo after corona vaccination. This is because if this process happens after the vaccine it will stimulate the immune system. So it is better to wait a few days. It is also advisable to consult a doctor before getting a tattoo after vaccination.

Other vaccines should not be given and should not be registered

If you have already received the first dose of corona vaccine, do not vaccinate immediately or sign up for another vaccine. This is because, according to scientists, there is still not enough information on how the government-19 vaccine interacts with others. So it is better to wait at least two weeks to get another type of vaccine.

Do not exercise hard

Do not engage in strenuous exercise immediately after receiving the corona vaccine. It is best to stay away from strenuous exercise for two or three days with the corona vaccine.

Drink plenty of water

You may not drink much water on other days. But with vaccinations, the body must be hydrated. For that you need to drink plenty of water. Therefore water helps to vaccinate our body’s immune system.

Do not drink alcohol after vaccination

Although it has not yet been studied what side effects alcohol consumption may have after vaccination, it is best not to drink alcohol for a few days. It is best to stay away from alcohol for a few days after the vaccine, as the vaccine can start working in the body and cause some side effects.

Do not miss the vaccine cover

Do not discard the card for the corona vaccine. This is not a medical consultation. But it is better to keep a vaccination card. Since we do not know when and where this card will be needed, it is best not to lose it.

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