Dark Facts: Why is the Taliban so afraid of the Afghans?

The Taliban empire is not new to Afghanistan. The Taliban have ruled Afghanistan for the past 20 years. However, at that time only 20 percent of the people supported the Taliban. Now the number has dropped to 15 per cent. That is, there are also those in Afghanistan who want Taliban rule. Why is this? In fact, the Taliban afraid of the Afghans? Or the rule they follow means fear? Versace .. Originally why are the Afghans .. migrating to other countries with bundles? Is the main question. If the Taliban are really so brutal .. Why are at least 15 percent of them currently supporting them? Is the question.

Going into the matter .. No matter how strict the laws are, those who enforce them are the key. In a democracy, it is common knowledge that those who enforce the law have flaws. However .. the rights of the people .. should be given priority so that despite some shortcomings in democracy, people are enduring them and voting for democracy. But .. No matter how strict the laws followed by the Taliban are, those who enforce them will be just as strict. That is .. what is written in the law .. It is the first duty of the Taliban to strictly enforce the law. There will be no compromises .. no apology.

This has now become a lifeline for the Afghans. Trapped in poverty, the Afghans have been free for 20 years now. No matter what they do .. even if it is not done within the law .. the governments have acted as if they are watching. But, now that the Taliban have taken over the country .. the law they follow .. Sharia (Muslim law) is going to be enforced as a paradigm shift. The same has now become an embarrassment to the Afghans. Sharia is a collection of rules taken from the Qur’an, Sunnah and Hadith.

Although laws do not come directly from these, religious scholars follow these scriptures to guide how Muslims live. Sharia law tells the policy of how Muslims should live. When should prayers be said? When should there be fasts? What kind of donations should be made to them? This Sharia law dictates for Muslims to understand how to live according to God’s commands. However, this is very strictly enforced by the Taliban. That is why the Taliban are trading Anna and their laws to the people.

Sharia literally means ‘the way to reach God’. Sharia laws can be resorted to if there is a problem in any aspect of life. Scholars who are familiar with these laws .. will tell you how to overcome this problem in the religious framework. Family laws and financial business matters are also guided by Sharia law. Any judiciary in the world is very complex. Sharia law is just that. These laws are based on the wisdom and experience of those who enforce them. Fatwas on the laws made by Islamic jurists.

There are five types of education related to Sharia. Four of them are Sunni practices, namely Hanbali, Maliki, Shafi’i, Hanafi. The other is Shia policy, Jaffari. These five policies interpret Sharia law differently. Local traditions and customs also influence this law. This means that these laws may be different in different areas. The Taliban implement very strict policies. Although Sharia is related to the way of life of Muslims it also includes any punishment for crimes. These laws classify crimes into three main categories.

They are Hudud, Khisas, Tajir. Hudud means very serious crimes. These have very cruel punishments. In the second category, the accused is punished for the same crime as in Khisas. Punishment for the third category of Tajir offenses is left to the discretion of the judge in the case. These Hudud crimes include theft and extramarital affairs. For example if someone steals (These have increased in Afghanistan in recent times. Unemployment .. Thefts have increased in the background of Corona). Their hands are cut off according to the strict laws of Sharia.

Also if anyone knows that men and women are having an extramarital affair they will be stoned to death on the sidewalk. Again, ria laws are very strict in the case of women. What should they wear? Who to talk to? Also describe items such as. Under these laws, women are not allowed to leave the home alone. Do not talk to a foreign man. Sharia law allows families to go to parties together. But it is a crime to talk to men from a foreign family after going to a party!

Also women should wear clothes that completely cover the body. They could not read. Every girl over the age of 8 is required to wear a burqa. If these girls want to get out of the house, they have to be accompanied by a man. Women should not even wear high heels. Because the clatter of women’s feet should not be heard by any man.

If women speak in public, those words should not be heard by a foreign man. Women should not take photos or videos. Posting photos of women in newspapers, books and shops is prohibited. Women should not be seen on the balconies of the house. In the past, during the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan, women who violated the rules were beaten on the road. Occasionally stoned and severely injured. In some rare cases people are publicly beheaded.

No one in a democratic government has enforced such strict rules. Led a normal life. Now that the Taliban have come to power, the Afghans fear that they will be punished for their past way of life. Some of the Afghan women served in the military, while others stood for election and won as mayors. All of them have now committed a terrible sin in the eyes of the Taliban. They openly behead people like this. It is in this context that the Afghans are now in a state of fear.


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