Corona is the reason why there are more salaries for Dalit relatives!

Finance Minister Harish Rao has assured government employees in Huzurabad that they will make an effort to pay salaries to Telangana employees by a certain date. After hearing Harish Rao’s words, the employees thought it would be better if it was true. But is it only for the common people who heard his words ..? Wondering whether to pay salaries on a certain date or to guarantee a paycheck. This is because the AP is well focused on the issue of delays in salaries for employees. But the situation is similar in Telangana. This was directly admitted by Harish Rao. Corona says incomes have dropped and salaries are not being paid on time.

Telangana is much better than the country

In Telangana, it is not known when the salaries of the employees will come for two or three months. Full details are yet to come out as the unions are not in a position to open their mouths. But in many places, employees are reporting their salaries to the media. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the assembly. Bandi Sanjay and Kishan Reddy often allege that Telangana has reached a point where it cannot pay the salaries of its employees and will go bankrupt in a few days. To counter their allegations, Harish Rao recently held a special media conference and said that Telangana is much better than the country. But it is clear that no matter how much better, it is becoming harder for employees’ salaries.

Gone without clarity

CM KCR for Dalit Bandhu Rs. Two thousand crores were diverted. The funds were kept in the Karimnagar District Collector’s account. Through them, a bond scheme is implemented for Dalits. The suspicion that the salaries are relevant is unclear. Although Harish Rao says that Corona is the cause .. he is skeptical that it is not నిధులు diverting funds for Dalit Bandhu. Any government wants to be paid a liability on the first day. But Harish Rao is asking for votes by promising to be paid on the first day. A similar situation arises when union leaders become ruling party leaders.

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