CM Jagan: The world that is holding the head !

Did the YCP chief have a hiking crisis? Has hiking become a headache for him? That is to say, those who are observing the latest developments are saying the same thing. It is learned that YCP chief Jagan had made a pilgrimage to come to power. However, on this occasion, he gave assurances to those who asked him. Reservation is required for only one farmer social category. He has given guarantees to many other categories. In this, CPS pension will be abolished mainly for the key job categories, he said. Similarly, a key guarantee like PRC was also given.

At the same time, the implementation of the innovations announced in the election manifesto has now become a burden beyond the head of government. The government is now in a situation where it is not going to spend as much as the funds are coming in. Ways to increase revenue are not going to be seen. If taxes and cess are not increased with this, the argument that the promises made by Jagan during the elections could not be fulfilled is loud and clear. The union leaders have been furious, especially over the past few days.

In fact, even yesterday, the government acted in favour of the previous year. Voices in favor of the government were heard during the local elections. However now the same government employees’ unions .. are angry with the government. The PRC is pushing for enforcement. However .. it seems to be worth thousands of crores of rupees .. with the treasury in trouble and the government not being able to take any decision on this .. it seems.

If this is the case the government has not implemented even a single promise given to you during the pilgrimage even the leader of the government employees union people like Suryanarayana are openly accusing. With these developments, the argument that the TDP is the only pro-government party is heard among the employees. If this situation continues  YCP leaders think that they will not be in trouble  It is noteworthy.

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