Chiranjeevi vote is for me-Manchu Vishnu?

The ‘Movie Artists Association’ (MAA) election affair is heating up day by day. With elections to be held in the next two weeks, both the Prakash Raj faction and the Manchu Vishnu faction are sharpening their weapons. The Prakash Raj panel filed nominations on Monday. The Manchu Vishnu team is also going to file nominations in a day or two. Speaking to a TV channel at a time like this, Manchu Vishnu made interesting remarks on ‘our’ election.

At a time when opinions are being expressed that whoever has the support of megastar Chiranjeevi will be the winner in this election. Vishnu said that they will make nominations on behalf of their team soon and will meet Chiranjeevi after that. He will definitely support them.

Manchu Vishnu said that if their panel shows the manifesto and explains what he wants to do, surely Chiranjeevi will take the vote himself. Vishnu said that he had definite plans for what to do for ‘us’. Vishnu expressed that he can do more development work for ‘us’ than Prakash Raj himself. He said that he would complete the construction of his own building for ‘MAA’ even if he was indebted to ‘MAA’ President.

Vishnu said that he would like to go ahead with a plan not only for the education of the children of ‘our’ members but also for others. However, Vishnu says that he supports Chiru so slowly but .. Industry people think that Chiru is behind Prakash Raj. It remains to be seen whether Chiru will publicly declare support for either of these two.

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