Bundy Sanjay: Etela Rajender wins by a huge majority? 

BJP state president Bandi Sanjay has made it clear that BJP candidate Etela Rajender is going to win the Huzurabad by-election with a huge majority. People are going to vote believing in their party potential. He was speaking at a media conference in Karimnagar on Wednesday.

Criticism of Bandi Sanjay

Bandi Sanjay was angry that TRS leaders were looking to confuse the people of Huzurabad. In the case of Dalitbandhu, they will fall into the trap they have taken. He asked the officials who are you to say that Annapurna is famous for Telangana and rice is not harvested. Didn’t the Central Government buy the period crops? Asked if he was ready this time too.

Bandi Sanjay criticized that CM KCR Huzurabad did not come for the election campaign because of his face. Dalitbandhu did not come for 70 days for fear that the people would depress him. With the approval of the authorities, Rs. TRS has been successful with the sharing of 20 fingers. Officers on duty and staff are advised to act honestly. Huzurabad voters are urged to think wisely and teach KCR a lesson by voting. Bandi Sanjay urged the people to give up their zeal to overthrow the arrogant and corrupt regime.

Dharmapuri Arvind

On the other hand, BJP MP Dharmapuri Arvind was also furious with the TRS government, saying that the people of Huzurabad would make fun of Etela Rajender. Ministers and MLAs are talking about who they like on rice purchases. The Siddipet Collector is also said to be disregarding the Supreme Court order. The collector who made such remarks should have already been suspended. KCR said that Telangana will be made the Seed Bowl of India. If rice seeds are not sold .. will cannabis be sold? Arvind asked. Cannabis is rampant in Telangana. It is alleged that TRS leaders were also among those supplying youth. Not a single police officer has been ordered to be jailed for supplying marijuana. KCR wants to make Telangana a million acre land .. Today, rice is not planted .. Mecca is being planted. Crore acres of land .. Lakhs and a half crores of Kaleswaram for your uncle’s farm house ?. Minister Harish was asked what the expenditure was for.


BJP senior leader Vijayashanti said .. KCR is a drama company. KCR was criticized for throwing martyrs on the road. KCR, who has not done anything for seven years, is not eligible to sit in the chair of the CM. He said that the reputation of Telangana will stand if Etela is made to laugh. Vijayashanti campaigned in Kamalapur constituency center of Huzurabad constituency. BJP National Working Committee member Vivek Venkataswamy on Wednesday campaigned in Katrapally, Huzurabad constituency on behalf of BJP candidate Etela Rajender. Speaking on the occasion, he said that if KCR’s pride is to be reduced, it wants to defeat TRS in Huzurabad. Lying in the farm house .. KCR said that the task was to punish the commissions. Vivek alleged that TRS would share six thousand per vote. The KCR government did not agree to bring petrol and diesel under GST. He said fuel prices would come down drastically if GST was included.

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