Boman Irani opens up about his journey of transforming into Mahatma Gandhi in Mahatma v/s Gandhi

In a heartfelt tribute to the revered Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, actor Boman Irani has opened up about his extraordinary journey of embodying the father of the nation in Feroze Khan’s Mahatma V/s Gandhi. Boman Irani’s commitment to the role, including a remarkable weight loss of 30 kgs, reflects his dedication to bringing the spirit of Gandhi to life on screen.

Boman Irani took on the challenging role of Mahatma Gandhi in the film, which required not only honing his acting skills but also a physical transformation that astounded the industry and fans alike.

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti Boman Irani took to social media to share his experience of playing Mahatma Gandhi on screen, “ It’s Gandhi Jayanti. However, we should be thinking of him and his principles every single day. I had the good fortune to play him in Feroze Khan’s “Mahatma vs Gandhi”. Lost 30 Kgs to essay the part but gained a lifetime of learning.

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