Badvel Results: YCP Dasari Sudha majority reaches 70 thousand!

The ruling YCP is unilaterally lobbying in the Badvelu by-poll in Kadapa, the chief minister’s home district. Chief Minister Jagan has directed party officials to double their majority in 2019. Venkata Subbayya, who won as the YCP candidate from Badvelu in the 2019 elections, secured a majority of 45,000. With his death, Venkata Subbayya Satyamani entered the ring as a YCP candidate. TDP..Janasena Badvel is away from the poll. With this, the BJP has made efforts to win the anti-government vote along with the TDP votes.

CM Ramesh, a former TDP leader from the BJP-Congress district who is not in  Adinarayana Reddy, a former minister, took charge mainly here. CM Jagan handed over the responsibility of Badvelu elections to senior minister Peddireddy Ramachandrareddy. From the front, in-charges have also been strategically assigned to the zones and handed over to the MLAs. The YCP leaders have made it clear that they are not thinking of winning. Their goal is to achieve a majority.

CM’s letters – Responsibilities to leaders CM Jagan wrote a letter to every voter saying that he could not come to the campaign. Meanwhile, the YCP has been garnering unilateral votes in every round since the postal ballot began today after the start of counting today and has now completed eight rounds. Congress and BJP candidates did not make it to the polls. They are lagging behind. 8 rounds of counting have been completed so far in Badwell.

In the 8th round, the YCP got 9,691 votes, the BJP 1,964 votes and the Congress 774 votes, close to the 70,000 majority. Meanwhile, YCP candidate Dasari Sudha was leading with 68,492 votes. In the seventh round, the YSRCP polled 10,726 votes, the BJP 1924 and the Congress 841. By the end of seven rounds, YSRCP had garnered 74,991 votes. In the sixth round, the YSRCP got 11,383 votes, the BJP 1940 and the Congress 531 votes. By the end of six rounds, YSRCP had garnered 64,265 votes. By the end of the sixth round, YSRCP was leading by 52,024 votes. The YSRCP got 64,265 votes and the BJP 12,241 votes. In the first round, the YSRCP got 10,478, the BJP 1688 and the Congress 580 votes. 

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