Allu Arvind Giving More Than A Month For His Son

Mega producer Allu Arvind is a shrewd businessman and he’s not someone who will be moved emotionally when it comes to business. Last year, even though his production venture “Most Eligible Bachelor”, which featured Akhil and Pooja Hegde as leads, made it to OTT just a month after its release even though it is still in theatres. That’s why eveyrone is now looking forward to the fate of Oorvasivo Rakshasivo. 

For films that get above-average talk, usually OTT platforms are getting ready to pay more such that if they turn up on their platforms soon, then the number of audiences who would watch them will be huge. That’s why these days some films are hitting OTT platforms just 15 days or a week after release. Even Suresh Babu released two of his films in the same way recently. So what’s with Allu Sirish’s film now? 

Reports are coming that interesting deals haven’t happened for Urvashivo Rakshasivo as the film hasn’t turned out to be a big commercial hit, at the same time, wasn’t promoted quite intensely. Though a big oTT has offered a good sum for the film, Arvind is said to be asking the makers of the film (Geetha’s subsidiaries) to wait for more time to get a better deal. That means Sirish is lucky to get more time to appear on OTT, unlike his father’s other recent heroes. 

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