A new age treatment for Varicose Veins issue!

Varicose Veins issue has always been a very painful health issue and this new age treatment by Avis Hospitals offers painless solution for this health problem.

Ever noticed enflamed, bluish green cobwebs under the skin on someone’s legs? Varicose veins is prevalent in 70% of the adults in our country and is often dismissed as a cosmetic problem. Surgery may be required if left untreated.

Pools of blood accumulate in the veins when the blood fails to circulate properly. These bulging visible veins are called varicose veins which is often seen in the legs and thigh area but can develop anywhere in the body. They appear blue/purple and are accompanied by severe aches, cramps and fatigue. In advanced cases, the veins may rupture causing varicose ulcers to form under the skin.

It is genetically transmitted, however women and more likely to develop the condition. It may occur in one out of two individuals over the age of 50 but prevalent in 5-25% of adults. Sedentary lifestyle, standing for long hours, obesity, pregnancy, old age are the most common causes.

This condition is completely treatable and 100% curable through our advanced minimally invasive laser therapy. Endovenous laser ablation also known as Laser treatment is recommended to those who have been diagnosed to have varicose veins post a Color Doppler scan of the lower limbs. Access to the blocked vein is taken with a help of a needle. Guided by an ultrasound, a laser probe is passed through the vein up to the point of blockage and then strong bursts of light are applied which releases the blockages and permits normal blood flow. This treatment is both painless and permanent.

This minimally invasive 30 min procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and the patient can resume his/her duties within a day. Therefore, varicose veins are a fully treatable and can be completely cured with right medical advice at the right time.

Avis Vascular Centre, first vascular centre in India to be approved by ACP is one of India’s largest treatment centre for varicose veins and venous related ulcers. Avis – headed by Dr.Rajah V Koppala is a member of American College of Phlebology (ACP) which is world leading society that creates and approves venous treatment protocols.

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