67,000 Telangana Government Jobs – Zoning: Notifications Coming Soon !!

Unemployed people in Telangana are waiting for job notifications. The government has announced that it will release a large number of job notifications. However, the process is likely to be further delayed. It is said that job notifications will be issued on January 1 as a New Year’s gift. Already the government has collected details of employees from all departments. New districts .. The division of labor according to the new zones has begun. Clarity on vacancies will come only after it is completed.

Towards the replacement of 67 thousand posts

Only then will a decision be made regarding appointments. It seems likely that more than 67,000 posts will be filled across the state. The whole process seems to be over and more time is running out for the issuance of notifications. With the exception of one school education department, the collection of details of all the other departments has already been completed and now the department account has also been revealed.

Delay the process of notifications

According to figures collected from the field level by the Finance Ministry, 67,820 posts were vacant, the CM told KCR during a review meeting in August. Once again the process of examining them was undertaken. If it is completed, a full resolution on the vacancies in various branches will come this week. After that, the government will meet with union leaders next month. The government plans to complete the process within this month if possible.

Division of employees according to zones

The new districts are allocating employees who have been working under the Order to Serve so far and are therefore working hard to begin the process of giving them options next month. The government has decided to make available not only the posts where the employees are working but also all the posts sanctioned by the departments. The unions also demanded the same. Employees currently employed are required to allocate them according to options. The government has finalized the basic guidelines in this regard.

Huge vacancies in the education department as well

Posts in the relevant district, zone and multi-zone are allocated on the basis of locality. Meanwhile, the number of teacher posts across the state has increased. The division has to be done district-wise. Confirm who will fall under which district as per government guidelines. According to the Joint Districts, there are 1.22 lakh sanctioned teacher posts across the state. Many, however, retired and left for other reasons. With this, it has been found that there are currently 18,927 vacancies in various cadres in the Department of Education.

Chance for notifications in January

Of these, 12,225 posts are expected to be replaced. It is expected that notifications for the replacement of these jobs will be issued by the end of January. There is already growing pressure on the government politically from the opposition over job replacement. The government hopes to complete the process as soon as possible. The unemployed are also waiting for this.

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